Naughty or Nice?

Chippendale gets the axe

       Sex in public….naughty or nice? We are bombarded with sex in our faces every day. We see it in marketing, advertising, movies, and shows, and what is acceptable for prime time today would have been unheard of 15 years ago, so should it still be a punishable offense?
In a town referred to as sin city you would think the repercussions of such an act would be more lenient than say Birmingham, Alabama, well you would think wrong. One of our guys or rather former guys, found this out the hard way last week.
After the show he and a lady friend apparently got caught up in the moment in a place that some might consider public. Ok so it was the parking lot of a restaurant, pretty public I suppose. Now, had they not gotten caught we would give them kudos for such a risqué rendezvous, but alas they were not so lucky. So after an unexpected trip to the police station I collected the Chippendale who, except for his bruised ego was relatively unharmed. As we sat in the car my first instinct was of-course to scold him for his irresponsible actions, he does represent a company at the end of the day but, after I thought about it, did he really do anything wrong? In the eyes of The Chippendales he did and was fired, rightfully so in my opinion as an employee but, as a person, I’m not so sure.
You can say what you like but when you see it in a movie are you incredulous? I know I’m not, jealous maybe but offended, doubtful. If Cosmo can devote an entire section to this very topic how can we expect people to not emulate? So was his only mistake getting caught? I guess with a little practice he will have better luck next time and if he/ or you the reader are looking for some advice there is no shortage of sources. Check out the Cosmo article with not only suggestions but, examples of where and how you can do this successfully.

What is the craziest place you’ve been naughty? How did you make sure you didn’t get caught?


41 Responses to “Naughty or Nice?”

  1. Great post over again! Thumbs up!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i agree with Bianca i dont think he should of been fired, a warning yes. lets be fair we wouldnt of heard about this if it wasnt for you blogging about it. So who is more inthe wrong for undermining the chips image. after all he was not gaining publibity from his adventure but you are…double standards i think

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  4. I understand why he was fired because he is a public figure and the chippendales want to maintain their classy image because they dont want to be sterotyped as typical strippers, however i think its a shame that he couldnt only get of with a warning for a first affence. Everyone experiments and a lot of people choose to go outside. My personal opinion is there is nothing wrong with going outside for some fun but if you are going to do it then be cautious and make sure u dont get caught!

  5. On a tennis court by the lake on Mother’s Day in the afternoon. Crazy!

    I don’t think he should have been fired. They were two consenting adults who just had the urge to get it on.

    I’ve been able to abstain for years myself. However, when your hormones are raging you can’t fight it.

    Also, in other parts of the world, they don’t arrest you do they? Don’t they just tell you to stop and get going?

    • Mistress Voodoo Barbie Says:

      Unfortunately it’s classed as public indecency and lewd etc so not only is it illegal, it can come with jail time. In some parts of the world it carries the same kind of sentencing as murder.
      Bottom line is, if you saw that the presenter of your kid’s favorite show had been caught doing the same thing would you be surprised if he was fired? We May not like it, or think that on the crime scale it’s a pretty minor one but the guys are part of a brand. They aren’t just workers – they represent a global image. Personally I still think it’s a shame, but I can see why it was done. If it wasn’t, it could be that the Chippendales could be misconstrued as condoning the act – it could open a floodgate of issues.

  6. Mistress Voodoo Barbie Says:

    Hmm… Ok. This is going to be a bit of a tick list…

    1. Beaches sound romantic but in reality you’re still finding sand in places you didn’t know you had places days later…
    2. Trains are a lot of fun but needs to be later at night. The motion is amazing but random strangers aren’t. Also, make sure it’s an older train – most of the new ones have cameras. As a general rule they’re above the doors so if there is an opaque partician then game on.
    3. Up a tree in the park. Do not attempt this if you have poor balance! The thrill of people walking by underneath is awesome.
    4. On the side of the highway at night – couldn’t wait. Open door, stood outside with my chest on the seat, him behind me. The door hides everything but needs to be a van or truck – cars are too low.
    5. In the ocean. How many times have you been at the beach and seen the guy in the water carrying his girl? Head out until you’re up to your chest, wrap your legs around his waist and let the motion of the waves do the work!

    There are many others but this should be a good start!!

    As for the nameless Chippendale, I’m guessing the grounds were ‘bringing the company into disrepute’. It does seem unfair but it’s a difficult to draw the line. Personally I would say as long as you’re not working or in uniform then your time should be you’re own… BUT… As a Chippendale you are a public figure. It’s a difficult one to call. Poor guy though.

  7. the craziest I’ve done was having sex in public in the middle of night at a park it was the first time for doing this but the not last thing doing something crazy it awesome to do crazy thing in life

  8. Mine is actually not boring, but could be seen as boring. It was in a club in Vegas (shall remain nameless) with my bf, and we went into the “Ladies Lounge”, it had couches, chairs, etc in there as well as a “Lounge Lady”, we actually made sure no other people were in there besides the employee, and locked the door, and went at it. It was just a quickie and knowing the employee was literally in the next room, (with the stalls) hearing every moment, made it even hotter. So yes ladies (& gents!) bathrooms can be a very sexy place to have a nice round of sex!

    • In a club….boring??? What do you consider not boring lol!!

      • Well, the club part wasn’t boring, I was referring to “some” who think that bathrooms can be boring. 😉
        Oh, it was a total turn-on, BELIEVE ME! Esp, knowing someone could hear everything and there were ladies waiting outside the door to come in to use the lounge. LOL

  9. Allie B Says:

    at a boat landing, almost got caught a few times

  10. Chanshera Says:

    hospital lift 🙂

  11. Chanshera Says:

    well in the hospitals lift we went up to the office floor at late evening. we thought it would be empty there that late.. well who would think of a caretaker working in the offices -.- of course we got caught but hehe he just grinned at us, maybe its becuz im german we dont have that hard laws if it comes to public sex :p ( at least thats what i think 😀 )

  12. My bf at the time thought it would be fun to look at houses to buy(even though we were NOT buying). While on a group tour of a model home we would sneak off to different rooms and do it real quick before the group walked in. In the 3rd and last room we were in we almost got caught barely getting clothes on as the group walked in the door. Needless to say we skipped the rest of the tour.

  13. Asia de Ville Says:

    I am an adult movie actress and I adore it to get naughty…did some crazy acts on a few public places like as I entered spontanious the pole in a club and then started to do a real and naked lesbian performance with my girly friend…or I got some nasty doing backstage on a DJ’s relaxing lounge. This room was a mirrored window to the front where the clubbing people were dancing and so we banged, me right on the window- I saw the people having fun, but they had no idea what happened just a few meters next to them 😀

  14. Anonymous Says:

    mine was in the back of my bf’s truck in my neghborhood.

  15. Wild Love Says:

    Parking lot of my old apartment building on the hood of a car.

  16. Wild Love Says:

    In the parking lot of my old apartment building on the hood of the car. Ah good times!

  17. Also on the train for me… but I once did it in a multi-storey parking garage too 🙂

    • OK people with train stories need to SPILL IT ASAP. How do you pull it off on a train. Forget the motion of the thing there are windows and people!! Details…

  18. Richard Vance Corkern Jr Says:

    I made out with another guy locked in men’s restroom in gay bar.

  19. The train haha

  20. I never did it in a crazy place but i want to say that i think its stupid that a Chippendales guy (dont know who) got fired for being caught doing it in a crazy place

    • I hear you Bianca. Its tough, its like a catch -22. They have to maintain a classy image because the brand is classy. We don’t want to portray the “stripper” sterotype because thats not what these guys are. Its one thing to do that on your own time but when they represent Chippendales they speak for an international symbol. Moral of the story be more discreet lol

      • I agree with Bianca it was a stupid reason for firing him! They could of let him of with a warning or something! Everybody dose stupid “adventures” things in there life time. It wasn’t his fault that his hormones were calling him at that point! Well i give him props for doing the deed in the parking lot! I say call him up and give him a 2nd chance!!! 😉

  21. public park and public beach in México. 😉

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