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Revenge = 0 Calories

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        Chippendales Zero Calories Revenge

There are certain things in life that we are fairly sure of; we will pay taxes, we will die, we will never be thin enough, and men (especially hot men) will never worry about their weight.  Well guess what, the last part of that is completely false! I know when I look in the mirror I’m not always happy with what I see and I know that no matter how much salad I eat, or how long I’m on the treadmill, its never enough, however I think that if I had the female version of a Chippendales body I would be content. Turns out no matter how hot you are in the eyes of those removed from you, the reflection you see hardly ever changes. Sitting backstage the other day I overheard a conversation I would never expect to hear from a group of men let alone a group of Chippendales, and morbid as this may be it made me happy. So at the risk of giving away their secret I cannot withhold such information from my fellow women.  Backstage at one of the hottest shows around you would expect to hear about the escapades of the night before, the walk of shame this morning, or the plans for tonight’s debauchery, not the case.  What I actually heard was a conversation me and my girlfriends know all to well, the upcoming “beach season”. Oh yeah ladies, I didn’t even know men knew such a thing existed but, not only are they keen to its existence, they worry about it!! As the guys oiled up their six packs and put on their cuffs and collars, they discussed low carb diets, more intense workouts and argued over whose six-pack is really a four-pack, (like that minor detail matters to any of us, for me as long as that four pack isn’t of Bud I’m happy). Now one guy in particular found himself quite perplexed at the results he was getting from the scale. He kept saying “I’ve been eating right, working out harder than ever and no matter what, I am either gaining weight or staying the same!!” You can hear the frustration (or hunger lol) in his voice as the rest of the guys try to console him. They tell him muscle weighs more than fat, that sometimes you hit a plateau etc …  I know your thinking “How supportive”, I thought the same, until I really looked at their malicious looking facial expressions. Turns out revenge is best served cold and months later in retaliation for the snake episode one of the guys moved the little dial on his scale off of zero. Yeah not the best prank ever but the guy in question doesn’t have the best vision, and so far has been shocked every time he gets on the scale for about a week. I wonder how long it will be before he realizes that there has been foul play. All jokes aside (and it is hysterical to watch) I find myself shocked that  a man would even care that much. Watching this scenario play out I can’t help but wonder   has our society become body image crazy? I mean they broke the mold with these guys, you couldn’t dream up a more anatomically appealing physique, yet for them it’s not enough.  As I sat there and listened to them complain about their 1% body fat I had mixed feelings:

1. Thank god even guys with rock hard abs think they can lose a few, and

2. If their physical shape is not good enough then what the hell am I?

Well rest assured that while wanting to better your self is a normal healthy desire, the extreme standards to which we hold ourselves are unreasonable. What happens to the people who are the standard, like The Chippendales? Who do they strive to look like?  The male body image dilemma is an ongoing issue that even WebMD has addressed and probably will not be solved any time soon.  Us ladies though, we are pros at being hard on ourselves, the boys are just now starting to catch up.
So what’s the craziest diet you’ve ever tried?

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