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Trouser Snake?

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You watch a 2-hour movie, its over, you are about to go to the bathroom and as the credits begin to roll, so does the blooper reel. You find yourself once again glued to your seat because lets face it perfection is not so interesting. Ask anyone over 25 and they will say, “reality TV is so stupid, I hate the Jersey Shore” however ask to see their DVR and you will see a mad dash for the remote. The truth is that stupid or not, if people didn’t watch it, it wouldn’t be on. Lets face it if there was no hope in me dishing out some backstage shenanigans in this post…would you still be reading it? Probably not and I’m ok with that, so lets get to what you really want to hear about. The Chippendales have great jobs, no one is arguing that but you work in a bakery long enough and you lose your taste for cookies. The guys love their jobs and more so their fans but guess what…they get bored too. So what do they do to keep things interesting on stage, naturally they play pranks on each other! Let me paint you a picture: You’re a Chippendales dancer and your scene is coming up next. It’s a sultry shower scene and you are the only one on stage, you really have to sell this. Backstage your getting mentally prepared, maybe you picture being in the shower with your significant other, maybe your alone in the shower and you pretend someone is watching, you’re starting to feel really sexy, getting into character, you’re ready to go out there and get this room full of women to believe. You get in the “stage” shower, the water hits you, you run your hands down your body, you look down, and BAM a snake is in there with you, and not a trouser snake. Nope I mean a SNAKE, a mouse swallowing body-crushing snake. Yeah that just happened. Now what? Well you work it in there as if there is no snake, hope for the best, and get the two Chipps off stage laughing their asses off back in anyway you can. The performer who this actually happened to (and I assure you it did) handled himself like a pro, not one lady in the audience knew there was a serpent in there, and I’d bet someone who was in that crowd is reading this right now and has no idea they were there, now that’s dedication. Well, said performer certainly got them back, but you will have to tune in next week to see how. In the mean time how would you retaliate? What’s the most sinister prank you’ve ever played? Who knows maybe our guys will take some tips from you for next time!

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